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Buried Treasure

Gnome (s) - noun -: a dwarfish creature supposed to guard earths treasures underground.

So I haven't managed to catch up with my blog in about a month (although I'm continuously snapping pictures when I'm at the allotment or thinking of things to write about ) but the summer months bring extra wedding work, beavers BBQs, theatre school shows, evening watering and all of the shenanigans that go alongside the end of the summer term ! Although It seems my children's various activities have taken over in the last few weeks they are actually the main feature this week.

I'm all for children being outdoors as much as possible and have always tried to get them involved with our own garden- something which my parents did with me , and something which I have such fond memories of. William our eldest is 6 going on 16 and Eliza is 2 and leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes! (I will leave that sentence in although I'm now wondering if that describes me and my workspace when I've got a big wedding on - I know my husband would probably agree).

The allotment for them is a familiar space as they've often helped my in laws with watering and odd jobs but when I mentioned Mummy now had one their faces just lit up! I thought the novelty of digging, mud, no electricity and mummy talking about plants would wear off but here we are nearly 2 months down the line and they are still as keen as ever although William has started to suggest an hourly rate or exchanging for sweets, IPAD turns or Lego.

I snapped this picture when I was the other side of my Raspberry bed and I just love it. They are completely immersed in allotment life with not a care in the world - oh and in this picture they are taking their new hobby very seriously . . . Pea-bug hunting!

So this involves Eliza being in charge taking the role of a mini site manager requesting William to dig a deep hole and then shrieking with laughter at the poor pea bug family that have been disturbed and eagerly trying to catch one to hold in her hands. Now this is coming from the girl how usually screams or squeals when a fly lands near her or a spider even dares to look at her - but elbow deep in mud on the allotment she couldn't be happier poking and digging for these marvellous minibeasts. Can I just add that no peabugs, woodlouse or Jimmy's were harmed during the hunting experience.

Now this sparks a debate among friends as when chatting to one he genuinely asked me "what is a pea bug?" I immediately explained how he had obviously not had a proper childhood. My husband calls them 'Jimmy's' - please feel free to leave your comments and #peabug experience below!

The second thing I noticed about this picture is that the 2 of them squatting there remind me of garden gnomes. "dwarfish creature supposed to guard earths treasures underground" and after seeing this definition I think that's how going forward I will refer to all of my plants, flowers and vegetables "earth's treasures". It still boggles my brain and amazes me how tiny seeds the size of the punctuation on this page that we sow and tubers and roots we bury grow. bloom and blossom into such beautiful forms. The underground root networks, chemical explosions, soil homes that we put them in protect and nurture these plants.

My two guardians, Antirrhinum seedlings we planted and the stunning results starting to show, my first lot of buried treasure ! Plot 75a, not just an allotment but a #treasuretrove.

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