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Knock Knock . . . who's there?

Shed (s) - noun -: a simple roof structure used for garden storage. to shelter animals or as a workshop.

A shed is something I thought I would never get so excited about, but since taking over the plot I have found myself getting rather over excited at my shabby chic (needs a new coat of paint) tiniest of sheds and find that it is the first thing I tell people about , it's like allotment tourettes and I cant hold it in. The following is an example of standard conversation in the last 2 weeks.

"oh I hear you've got an allotment, that's pret....." cue me butting in

"It's got a shed, a SHED! with a door knocker that looks like a trowel"

Before you ask the trowel door knocker is most definitely staying I LOVE it! The person who I'm chatting to stares at me, and just nods with wide eyes and isn't at all interested in my shed, the colour, the size or whether my padlock is alarmed or not. Oh dear ! And before long I realise that maybe the shed situation is become a little bit of an unhealthy obsession as I find myself daydreaming about paint colour cards for a future makeover or questioning whether I need a bigger shed - possibly one with a window? Don't even get me started on curtain fabric. But let's be practical here, really it's my new office space, it will be muddy, wet, cold, full of spiders and would a nice handstitched curtain really be needed?

First things first - a shed clear out! This allotment had been disused for sometime and when handed the key I was told that whatever was left would be mine to use and keep. Now I have moaned at my husband for years watching episodes of #StorageHunters with grown men getting excited over unlocking storage containers full of treasure and now I've found myself fully involved in my own episode, getting excited to break open the padlock.

It was clear from the contents that the previous owner was a pretty professional allotter with everything inside from a pair of what I can only describe as welly shoes, to a roll of roofing felt. What was also quite clear was I was invading on the space of quite a few 8 legged friends. Now spiders don't really bother me but when it sounds like they're walking around with high heels on it is pretty un-nerving , but with a whole nest built and one large hairy leg poking out I couldn't really brush them all away, after all this was their home so Mrs Tarantula and her brood are staying (I now just avoid the top right hand corner -see picture below).

The above is what I found in my great clear out (although typing this now and looking at the picture it looks like I've laid out a bunch of medical tools ready for a procedure ) the rusty saw, the secateurs and that all important twine for suturing ! Honestly the past NHS job roles never leave you.

Whatever you're up to this sunny June weekend may it be filled with fun, fresh air, family, friends and of course SHEDS!

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