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Plots and Plotting

* Plotting , Plot - verb : secretly make plans to carry out an action, dreaming up an idea, arranging and organising.

" I would love an allotment for cut flower growing, but with part time work, full time freelancing and running my own business plus I have the kids I don't have the time, maybe in a few years" were the words that left my mouth when chatting to my mother in law, probably about 2 days before I sent an email initially just enquiring if any plots were free.

Fast forward 36 hours and its 9.30 am, I'm chatting to Sheyla on a tour of the local allotments, being told the loo code, handing over my yearly fee, being invited to the annual summer show and being handed my shed key (yes I said shed #allotmentgold) Oops! I then had to tell the husband that the idea I initially dreamed up, secretly arranged and organised is an actually happening que me thinking up excuses of why I needed one.

To be honest when I think about the idea, the #littlecuttingbox was due an upgrade and for the volume of flower I want to grow the recycled apple crate just wasn't cutting it. I have planted a few things out in the garden but with footballs flying around and over enthusiastic watering from the kids I was starting to be on edge in the garden when they were playing rather than enjoying it. I cant grow wedding flowers and get precious over stems with a re enactment of the world cup including the 2 year old cheerleader, pitch invader and part time goalie running around.

So let me introduce you to plot 75a - As plots go I'm quite lucky as its very sheltered and a sunny spot on Old Loose Hill , walking distance from home, walking distance from the pub - or should I say stumbling distance . Its due a big overhaul but I love it already!

I am not only a first time allotter but also a first time blogger, but I feel that both should go hand in hand and I'd love you to join me on my #cutflower journey and would love advice and comments along the way and through the growing year as I develop and plan the #littlecuttingplot.

You can also follow my progress on Instagram @elizarose_artisanflorist

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