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The Little Cutting Plot


My small patch of paradise overlooking Loose Valley and the countryside is where the magic happens!


Outgrowing the original apple crate I named 'The Little Cutting Box' with stems being broken by curious toddlers or world champion football players I upgraded to a small local allotment plot in summer 2019. Check out my blog page for a little insight into my journey to clearing and creating a space for cut flower. With the help of my fabulously talented friend and photographer Claire,I hope to keep you updated and document my journey through the first official year of sowing and growing. Any advice, ideas or general cut flower farming conversation is always welcome either by email or on my blog or social media, I'm excited to share my journey!

if you're interested in checking out this awesome lady's photography work


Bring back the Bees!

Bess are so important, not only do they pollinate fruit and veg and crops that feed humans, but also that are vital in feeding our countries live stock - essentially meat that we will then eat. 

They are an integral part of our worlds ecosystem.

Planting different flower varieties should attract these super insects to the plot!


Reduce plastic waste!

The amount of plastic waste that I throw away (and recycle where I can) is phenomenal, the flowers are more often than not wrapped in plastic at the flower markets and wholesalers around the world. 

If I can make a small dent in the amount I use then its a start.

Improve mental health

It's a no brainer that getting out in the fresh air improves your mood and well being. not only do you soak up vitamin D, you stay active. It has also been shown in studies that having fresh flowers in the home throughout the year lifts mood and reduces depression, so even if I can help others who may not be able to get out its surely a win win.


Support the local community

Being part of a local community is very special. Some allotment owners have had theirs for decades, passed down through generations of keen growers. Their knowledge and input can be so valuable.

I also like to teach workshops, and raise money and give something back to the local Gardening Society.



Plot 75a

So let me introduce you to plot 75a! As plots go I'm quite lucky as it is in a very sheltered spot on Old Loose Hill, walking distance at the moment from home, and stumbling distance form the pub. It is due a big overhaul but I love it already!

June 2019
June 2019
June 2019
Summer 2020

A year on and what a difference a year makes. So what do we have ?

  • Eucalypyus Row

  • Rudbeckia

  • Amaranthus

  • Sedum

  • Grasses

  • Ammi Majus

  • Achillia

  • Crazy Daisies

  • Echinaecea

  • osteo

  • Roses

  • Agastache

  • Dahlia

  • Cornflower

  • Sunflowers

  • Poppies

  • Nigella

  • Scabious

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